Unit 1

Part 2

Michael, where does Boris live?

Wait, wait, Daphna, excuse me. Where is the phone?

There, please.

Thank you. Hello? Who is it? Boris? Anna?

Boris, Boris, Shalom. Boris speaking. Michael Gurewich from Leningrad.

I am in Israel. I am at the Ben-Gurion Airport.

Boris, where do you live? In Ashdod? Where is Ashdod? Well, good.

You work in a bank? Thanks! See you!

Daphna, excuse me, where is Ashdod?

Ashdod, Ashdod? Near Tel-Aviv.

Between Tel Aviv and Ashkelon.

Is it good in Ashkelon?

Very  good. Michael, are you a musician? Are you an engineer?

Yes, I am a construction engineer.

And you?

I am a physician.

Well, you are a physician. I work at the airport.

You work at the airport. You are a secretary. I don't work.

I am a student, but he is a professor. (The name of Yuri's dog is Professor.)

You speak Hebrew well.

Yes, I speak Hebrew. I also speak Russian.

Professor speaks Herbew and also Russian, true?